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gredients include l▓otus seed paste, melon seed paste, ham, chicken, duck, roast pork, mushrooms, and egg yolks. Cantonese-style mooncakes ▓taste sweet. 銆€銆€Suzhou-style mooncakesSuzhou-▓style mooncakes are also called Su-style m▓ooncakes for short. Su-style mooncakes appeared more than a thousand years ago. They are well known throughout China for their layers of flaky dough and generous allotment of sugar an▓d lard. There are both sweet and savory taste

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s▓ among Suzhou-style mooncakes.Beijing-style mooncakesThis style is the typic▓al variation in North China. It originated in Beijing and Tianjin. It features the delicate use of sweetn▓ess, moderate allotment of skin and fillings, and meticulous decoration. The common proportion of skin and fillings for Beijing-style ▓mooncakes is 4:6.Chaoshan-style moon▓cakesChaoshan-style mooncakes have a distinct crust. They are larger in size than mooncakes in the Suz

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hou-style. The m▓ost commonly used fillings are mung bean paste and b▓lack bean potato paste.Ningbo-style mooncakesNingbo-style▓ mooncakes are mainly prevalent in East China

▓style moonca
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's Zhejiang province. They have a spicy and salty flavor.Modern MooncakesIce cream mooncakesThey are made of ice cream, and made to look like mooncakes. They have be▓com

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e increasingly popular in recent years among young people and kids.Fruit and vegetab▓le mooncakesNaturally, the fillings for this kind ▓of flavor are various vegetables and

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▓ fruits which include: hami melon, pineapp

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le,▓ litchi, strawberry, white gourd and▓ orange.Seafood mooncakesThese are the most expensive mooncak

es. They feature a fresh and slightly sa

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lty flavor. Commonly used fillings include: abalone, shark fin and dried purple seaweed.Naliang moon

cakesThis is the latest creation (Naliang me

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ans to ‘receive coolness&rsquo▓;). Their fillings are made of lily, green bean or tea, a▓ll of whi

ch have a cooling effect on the body.▓C

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oconut milk mooncakesThey are low in sweetness▓ and oil. Their fillings are made of fresh coconut mil▓k.

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They taste fresh and sweet and have the effect ▓of promoting digestion, and improving one's skin.Tea moon▓cakesThey are made by adding tea to oth▓er fillings. The most popu

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